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The Hickville Centennial Book gave this contemporary description of Hart’s Boys Band: “It is in a class by itself”.

The boys feast in the classics and frolic with the ditties. No band exceeds Hart’s in tone, harmony, or volume. Their appearance is strikingly beautiful, keeping with the high grade of program rendered.

Even to the Most



In the early 1900′s local jeweler O.V. Hart put together a band of boy musicians. Their practices, held above Mr. Hart’s store, were noted for rigorous standards of musicianship and discipline. It was said that they appeared before the most critical of audiences and won both their acclaim and their hearts.

April 1, 1909 marked the bands first appearance. Composed of boys whose ages ranged from 12 to 21, Hart’s Boy Band quickly developed a following. They won first place at the 1912 Ohio State Fair and were present at the inauguration of Gov. James Cox. Road performances outside the state included Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh , and Harrisburg. In Philadelphia, after they marched to a theater where Amelia Bingham was performing, she dismissed the pit orchestra and asked the Hicksville boys to finish the evening.

“I have heard all the professional bands but I pin my faith to Hart’s Boys. NO one can make a mistake in booking them. Hart’s Band is unexcelled in the music world. The boys, under the efficient leader Mr. O. V. Hart, demonstrate what boys can do.” Amelia Bingham, Broadway actress


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