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Bushido-Kan Karate Academy was founded February 1st, 1993 by Steven M. Franz, a Hamilton, Indiana native, and a current Hicksville resident. Instructors at the Academy include the following:

Shaun Harlevig 2nd degree black belt, former Regional Jr. Black Belt Fighting Champion
Brock Hatlevig 2nd degree black belt, former Regional and National Jr. Black Belt Champion in Fighting,
Forms, Weapons, and Self-Defense
Troy Snyder 1st degree black belt, Current WCMA World Champion in Black Belt Fighting
Ton Somkit 1st degree black belt, National and Regional Black Belt Weapons Champion
Jason van Cleve 1st degree black belt, Former Regional Champion in Brown Belt Fighting
Darcy Plum Current National Champion, former Regional Champion, and USA TEAM qualifier

Since opening in 1993, the Academy has earned over 3,000 awards in competition throughout the Unites States. The Academy has produced 4 World, 11 National, 28 Regional and 2 State Karate Champions in the Professional Karate Commission, the World Congress of Martial Arts, and the American Mid-West Karate Association.

In 1995, Sensei Franz was named the #1 Rated Instructor in the Mid-West Region by the AMKA, and the Academy beat out over 8 other schools on the AMKA tournament circuit to be titled the #1 Rated School in the Mid-West. The PKC has named the Academy to its top 25 schools in the nation for the last two years in a row. Current enrollment includes 48 students from Williams, Defiance, Paulding Counties in Ohio and Dekalb & Allen Counties in Indiana.

In 1996, the following students earned World Champion Titles in the WCMA: Troy Snyder, Black Belt Kumite; Emily Meller (who is 5 years old), Pee Wee Kumite; Joyce Meller, Women’s Novice Kata; Chad Leavell, Children’s Advanced Fighting. These students, along with Darcy Plum, Ton Somkit, JD Struding and Jason Van Cleve, all qualified for TEAM USA to compete in the Pan-American Games held in Mananzillo, Mexico during January 1997.

Mr. Steven Franz is currently a Nationally Certified 4th Degree Master Instructor in Moo Duk Kwan Taekwon-Do. He has trained in Aikido, Tang Soo Do, Ju-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do and several other styles. His philosophy is that all Martial Arts are beneficial to practitioners, but they must stick to one style until they earn a black belt. After this he allows students to train at other schools as long as they share in the knowledge, and retain proper etiquette and respect for their own school. The community of Hicksville has earned national recognition in the Karate World for the Academy’s High standards of training, and strict traditional aspects related to the Martial Arts code.

Sensei Franz, himself, is a Nationally rated champion, State Karate Champion in Indiana, and has over 700 victories under his belt. He places more emphasis on teaching others his skills than on what he has accomplished, and wishes only to help people learn true, traditional Martial Arts. He teaches an Americanized form of Taekwon-Do which incorporates all the systems he has studied into an effective proven form of self-defense. He takes great pride in serving the community of Hicksville and the surrounding towns, and hopes to help the youth of the area grow up to become successful leaders.

For more information, contact Sensei Franz by calling 419-542-8608